OnRPG Shotgun News 5/20: Neverwinter, Skyforge, and Skara

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG News Mistress


Neverwinter Rolls Back the Clocks

In case you missed it here is a little catch up of what happened over the weekend in Neverwinter. A huge exploit was discovered which basically broke the economy of the world. The game was shut down for a good portion of Sunday while they worked out the problem, how to deal with it and what to do about the people who took advantage of it. The game was then patched, the abusers banished, and they rolled Neverwinter back 7 hours to a time before the economy completely crashed. A lot of progress and items were lost in that 7 hour roll back and the folks at Perfect World know it. Which is why they’re putting together a little thank you package for everyone. It should be available by the end of the week.


Obsidian Entertainment Teaming with Allods Creators to make Skyforge

Skyforge was first announced way back in May 2012 by the Allods Online team but then faded from memory as nothing else was heard about it. Well that all changes today. Mail.ru announced at KRI 2013, the Russian Game Developers conference that Obsidian Entertainment would be teaming up with the Allods Team to make Skyforge. You can still check out the 9 minute video introduction to it, and fortunately if you don’t speak Russian you can at least look at the pretty images.



8 Bit Studios Launches Kickstarter for MOBA Skara

A new MOBA is entering the arena as 8 Bit Studios launches a Kickstarter event for Skara – The Blade Remains. It is described as a MOBA that allows live action fighting along the lines of Streetfighter and Call of Duty. 8 Bit is hoping to raise £150,000 in the next 40 days. Be sure to look out for more information about it later this week in the weekly Kickstarter column on OnRPG.

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