OnRPG Shotgun News 5/24: Neverwinter, GW2, Defiance, and More

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), She of Many Hats


Neverwinter Announces New Content

In a recent State of the Game dev diary Andy Velasquez, Lead Producer of Neverwinter discussed what has gone on since Open Beta began and even went into details about things that were coming. From mounts to a new “ranged” class. In addition to Gauntlgrym, new raid sized end game content. They even mention that they’ll keep working on improving Gateway so it has less bugs and does more. And finally, he mentioned that more information on Module 1 would be incoming soon.


Guild Wars 2 Addressing WvW Matchup Problems

Tired of going up against the same shards in WvW all the time? Well ArenaNet is! And they’re doing something about it. By partially randomizing the process as well as doing a bunch of math voodoo that only an Asura would understand you’ll now be facing different people when the WvW matchups take place. Of course they won’t put the higher performing shards with the lower ones, there will be some restrictions. But lookout world! The RPers, TarnishedCoast and Piken Square are coming for you!


Defiance Steam Trial Weekend

If you’ve been wanting to jump into Defiance this weekend is your chance as they host a free trial weekend to correspond with a Defiance Memorial Day Weekend marathon. So jump in and take a look.


Tales of Laputa Becomes Tales of Solaris

NGames has announced Tales of Laputa will be becoming Tales of Solaris. The name change is set to take place on May 28th. Not only will the name change but new things will be coming too, like the addition of three brand new gameplay systems. And that won’t be all. Keep an eye on the official site for more information.

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