OnRPG Shotgun News 5/29: Rift, Titan, City of Steam and more

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG News Lady


Blizzard Scraps Work on Titan

The next MMO Titan has been working on, code named Titan has been scrapped. Blizzard has reassigned 70% of the employees working on it and the remaining 30 people will develop the game from the ground up. Titan was expected to debut in 2014, but now it is estimated to have a release date of 2016.


City of Steam Unseals the Vault


City of Steam has been down today for the release of update 1.2 The Vault Unsealed. The patch adds new quests, a new wilderness level, and most popularly the return of Riven and Draug (the Elves) as playable races.


Free Weekend of Rift

If you happen to own Rift you can play it for free this weekend, and a bit beyond. That means anyone who has previously played on a full account, (not a Rift lite account) will be able to play from May 30-June 3. So if you’re interested at taking a look at how the game has changed since you last played make sure you’re all patched up.


Uncharted Waters Online Sets Sail For Historic Korea


The latest update from Uncharted Waters has players drifting into the seas of historic Korea. There are three new towns for players, new ships which are only made in these cities, and much more including new quests.

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