OnRPG Shotgun News 6/18: Neverwinter, Seal Online, City of Steam, and ArcheAge

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG Mistress of News


Alchemy Coming to Neverwinter

Unstable Potion

Neverwinter is just a couple of days away from the introduction of Gauntlgrym, the new end game pvp and pve content. But that isn’t all that will be coming, a new profession will be added as well. Alchemy will allow you to make a variety of potions ranging from Potion of Stamina to experimental potions which could do horrible things or grant fantastic boosts. Alchemy and Gauntlgrym will be available on June 20th.


Seal Online Re-launching

Playwith Interactive has announced they are re-launching Seal Online as Seal Online: Blades of Destiny. The grand opening is set to take place today. There will be grand opening festivities so be sure to download the new client before launch.


City of Steam Introduces MOBA Style Gameplay


Everybody loves MOBA, the latest evening comedy on OnRPG. Okay, I kid, but you may have noticed MOBAs spilling into your MMOs recently. WellCity of Steam has joined the pile. Patch 1.3 will introduce The Siege of the Spire, a MOBA inspired PvP arena. This was revealed today in an all new dev journal where they also talk about bare-chestedness, if that isn’t enough to make you curious I don’t know what is.


Onrpg E3 Update

Today we have for you a 12 minute long video from E3 which features ArcheAge. In this one we get to see character customization, farming, and learn a bit about being a pirate. Want to hear more? Check out the video.

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