OnRPG Shotgun News 6/25: Carte, FFXI, Nexon, and Blade & Soul

OnRPG Shotgun News 6/25: Carte, FFXI, Nexon, and Blade & Soul

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG Journalist



Editor’s Note: Hey everyone and welcome to a new regular daily article recapping a bunch of news from around the industry in quick short tidbits. As OnRPG’s staff of freelancers has grown over the past year we are able to better compete with the major online news sites and hope this column keeps our readers better informed on the games and industry around them!



Carte Arena

Popular Online Trading Card Game Carte announces new features which include an all new Arena feature. This will pair players using an automated matchmaking system. Hubert Lee, Head of Marketing at GamesCampus, the publisher of Carte said this on the changes; “With numerous tweaks, both big and small, players will see an immediate difference in their matches.” The system also matches players of the same approximate skill level using an intelligent new system. In addition players will be able to review their own match histories and stats to allow them to adjust their decks and strategies. Arena Medals can be earned by taking part in Arena matches these serve as a currency for purchasing exclusive heroes and cards not found anywhere else in Carte.

Final Fantasy XI Profits


During a speech at Vana Fest 2012 Square Enix president Yoichi Wada declared Final Fantasy XI the most profitable game in the very popular Final Fantasy series. Final Fantasy XI was launched in 2002 and has reportedly in that time been played an astonishing 200,000 years worth of game time by players from all across the world.



Nexon America Offers F2P games on Steam

Nexon American announces that several of it’s free-to-play games will be offered on Valve’s Steam platform. Nexon’s real-physics based MMORPG Vindictus is available immediately on Steam with the online FPS Combat Arms being made available later in June. Nexon America’s CEO Daniel Kim has said the reasons for this are; “Providing our games on Steam is about making it as easy as possible for players to access our games.”



Blade & Soul Popularity


NCSoft’s Blade & Soul has become the most popular game in Korea only three short days after starting open beta testing. This puts it above both Diablo III and League of Legends which now hold the number 2 and 3 places in popularity. NCSoft also announced that it would not be a free-to-play title and would have a monthly fee of 23,000 Korean Won ($19.80 USD)

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