OnRPG Shotgun News 6/25: Mighty Quest, Anarchy Online, and GW2

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG European News Editor


Mighty Quest for Epic Loot Holding Open House


Missed out on your chance to check out the hilarious Mighty Quest for Epic Loot? Have no fear! Ubisoft has heard your pleas and is holding an open house session for all! From July 2nd to July 5th anyone can check out the game and anyone who takes part gets a chance at winning a Mighty Quest tshirt or even a chance to stay in the beta permanently. Sign up for the free event before June 28th at 8PM (We assume this is UK time but it isn’t clear.)


Anarchy Online Turning 12

Oh those troublesome preteen years, rebellion, moodiness, jetpacks…

Yes, jetpacks. Anarchy Online is turning 12 and that is a reason to celebrate. Funcom will be hosting a variety of in game events, giving out jetpacks, and other awesome free gifts. The event starts June 27th, happy birthday Anarchy Online!


Guild Wars 2: Sky Pirates of Tyria Launches

The next instalment of the ongoing living story in Guild Wars 2 goes live today. It features a new dungeon, a scavenger hunt to go with the release of the third novel, a ton of skill and trait balances, mortar mastery in WvW, and much more (Including a Tybalt backpack! Squee!) Keep a look out the next couple of days for an OnRPG look at the update including the skill and trait balances while our crew scrambles to get through the novel in record time.



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