OnRPG Shotgun News 6/26: Maplestory, SWTOR, Age of Wulin, and more!

OnRPG Shotgun News 6/26: Maplestory, Battlefield Heroes, SWTOR, Dragon Eternity, Age of Wulin, Face of Mankind, and FFXI

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG Journalist




MapleStory: Jett Character Revealed

A new trailer has been released looking into the new character Jett in Nexon America’s very popular MapleStory. For the first time players see what Jett looks like and see combat. Jett is set to be introduced exclusively to North American players on June 27th. In addition to the new character the update will introduced a newly balanced Thief class. They are faster, stronger and have improved skills. Players will be able to give their characters part time jobs which will put the characters to work even when they aren’t logged in.




Battlefield Heroes Celebrates Three Year Anniversary

One of EA’s leading browser based free to play games is turning three years old! Battlefield Heroes has over 12 million players which EA is thanking with new content, give aways and enhanced game features. Between June 25th and July 1st players can log in to Battlefield Heroes and get two free Party Packs. Each pack includes a birthday shirt, Tricycle emote and a treasure chest key. A brand new map called Fortress Frenzy has players fighting for victory on a small island. The celebration also includes more opportunities to earn Valor Points, Experience Points, and introduces the Treasure Chest which randomly gives players special rewards for defeating an enemy.



Star Wars: The Old Republic Update 1.3 Allies


BioWare has announced that the third update in 6 months has been released in Star Wars: The Old Republic. Titled Allies this update focuses on grouping, pvp, and gear. A Group Finder has been added to make it easier for players to connect with others to complete tasks while being a well rounded group. Ranked Warzones have been introduced to make pvp more challenging and more rewarding. Players will be able to track their performance and measure their skill against other players.



Dragon Eternity Announced

Game Insight has announced a new cross platform MMO for iOS, Andriod and browsers. Dragon Eternity is a fantasy based MMO with two factions. As adventurers in either Vaalor or Sadar players complete quests, take part in pvp and non-combat crafting professions. In addition there are social elements which include an auction house system and long term player clans.



Age of Wulin History and Setting Announced


gPotato has announced new information about the historically accurate Chinese martial arts MMO titled Age of Wulin. The story is set in the early Ming Dynasty, a time of codes of chivalry when the martial arts culture was at it’s peak. There are 27 regions which represent the different areas of Imperial China. There are over 40,000 NPCs who all have their own lives and don’t stand around. Age of Wulin will be entering closed beta testing soon and preregistration is available on http://en.wulin.gpotato.eu/mini/.



Face of Mankind Developers Blog

A new dev blog has been posted on the Face of Mankind website. It outlines Faction Stance Tax Customization, Colonial and Sector Ownership perks, World Service Displacement, and Crime Rate. Ownership perks are set to replace the current perks allowing leaders to strategize galactic domination. Worlds will have a natural crime rate which will be based on their distance from Earth.



Final Fantasy XI Announces Expansion

Square Enix has unveiled the fifth expansion to Final Fantasy XI called Seekers of the Adoulin. A new continent will be introduced on the West as well as the city of Adoulin. It has a Mediterranean style influence and mainly focuses on high end content. A new class called Geomancer is an AoE buffer/debuffer with another class being announced at a later date.



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