OnRPG Shotgun News 6/29: End of Nations, TSW, DFO, and More!

OnRPG Shotgun News 6/29: End of Nations, The Secret World, Dungeon Fighter Online, and More!

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG Journalist



Dungeon Rampage Announced


New Studio, Rebel Entertainment has announced it’s first game, Dungeon Rampage. 2 million players have already signed up for the beta on Facebook and have rated it as one of the top games. Dungeon Rampage is a multiplayer social action role playing dungeon crawler. It features six playable warriors which include a katana wielding ghost samurai and a hammer-wielding berserker. Players team up with friends in real time and play through dungeons full of monsters and deadly traps.



SOE Fan Faire Changes Name

Sony Online Entertainment Fan Faire has become SOE Live. In addition to this change tickets have now been put on sale for the event being held in Las Vegas, Nevada. It will be held in Bally’s Casino between October 18th and the 21st. Those who sign up early will receive $20 off the regular all access pass. This applies until August 1st when the price will go up to $139 for the whole weekend. There are also day passes, and evening passes with optional upgrades which include laser tag and brunch with the game development team.



EVE Alliance Tournament X


EVE’s Alliance Tournament X begins this weekend with Agony Empire vs Exiled Ones on Saturday, June 30th. This PvP puts alliances ships and modules on the line for the chance to win two new extremely powerful ships. Several auctions took place to fill some of the positions in the tournament.



Critical Strike Portable Launched on Android

Cross platform 3D first person shooter Critical Strike Portable (CS Portable) is now available on Google Play for Android. The game is now available on Kongregate’s game portal and Android and scheduled to be released on iOS soon. The game’s touch controls are designed to be smooth and responsive to create an equal experience across all platforms. CS Portable has both multiplayer and single player modes.



The Secret World Early Access


Early Access to Funcom’s The Secret World started today with invitations being rolled out throughout the weekend to everyone who has preordered the game. The first invitations have gone to those who ordered the Game Master pack which includes a lifetime subscription to The Secret World and a 10% discount for the ingame store. The game officially goes live next week with the lifetime subscription option remaining available for a short time.



Dungeon Fighter Online on Steam

As a continuation of news from earlier in the week Nexon America has announced that the very popular Dungeon Fighter Online has been added to it’s ever expanding list of free to play games available on Steam. In parallel to this release the highly anticipated Male Mage character class has been added to the game.



End of Nations Beta


Trion Worlds has announced a special multi-month subscription for RIFT which includes access to it’s upcoming game End of Nations. In addition beta sign ups are available on the End of Nations website. No dates have yet been announced with speculation on the forums that it is coming soon.

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