OnRPG Shotgun News 7/1: TSW, MLG, Transformers, and Much More!

The Secret World Celebrates First Year

In an address to the players of The Secret World, Game Director, and all around awesome guy Joel Bylos looked back at the year behind and looked forward, to what will come. Including an all new event called Guardians of the Gaia. From July 3rd massive creatures formed by primal elements will come alive throughout the world. These creatures can only be defeated by working together, and those lucky enough to bring one down will be able to capture a small portion of its essence, earning a Guardian of their own. There will also be a 30% discount across most of the store, new bonuses every day, and a little extra for Members and Grandmasters. Last but not least, anyone who has ever played any Funcom title is invited to check out TSW for free for an entire week. And as soon as the Anniversary fun is done, they’ll be jumping straight into Issue #7, A Dream To Kill.

Major League Gaming Breaks Attendee Records

MLG broke records last weekend with the biggest competitive gaming event in MLG history. Over 21,000 competitors and fans attended the three day Spring Championship in Anaheim, CA. And during the event the next Pro Circuit Championship was announced, due to take place in Columbus, Ohio, from November 22-24. Congratulations to everyone who won last weekend.


Panzar Recieves Extensive Update


The F2P MMO Panzar is getting a bit of an update, maybe more than just a bit. A new map called ToxicBay has been added with a new game mode called Mechanism. They’ve also introduced a new friends referral system which will reward players for getting their friends to join them. This is just the start of a huge list of new features and changes, for the full list be sure to check out the patch notes.


Jagex Announces Transformers Team Layoffs

Layoffs have occurred at Jagex, focusing specifically on the team working on Transformers Universe. According to a report by Eurogamer this is both due to pressure from Hasbro to release the game by the end of the year and the decision to use middleware instead of developing new technology.

Have some Daleks playing World of Tanks. Because, why not?

Dalek World of Tanks

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