OnRPG Shotgun News 7/10: Age of Wulin, Everquest Next, GW2, and more!

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG News Mistress


Age of Wulin Announces Open Beta

The open beta for Webzen’s Age of Wulin will begin Thursday, July 18th. There will be three servers, all in English to start but one set aside to both the German and French speaking communities, while the third will be an international European server. There will also be no character wipes once Open Beta begins. However for those in closed beta your characters will be wiped this Friday as closed beta comes to an end.


SOE Gets Some Fans For Everquest Next


SOE has been hard at work getting people following them on various social media outlets ahead of next Month’s SOE Live and the big reveal for Everquest Next. How you ask? A little artwork. The image above is a reimagining of the original Everquest art done by Gabor Sziksai. Several of the characters were removed from the art, unlocked through social media.


Guild Wars 2 Design Director Named Keynote Speaker of ChinaJoy 2013

Chris Whiteside, Design Director at ArenaNet will be the Keynote Speaker at China Joy 2013. Along with him will be David Helgason, Founder and CEO of Unity Technologies, and Keith Shepard, Chief Producer of TempleRun. The speech will take place on July 28th at one of the biggest games convention in Asia.


Darkfall Unholy Wars Adds Market System


A new highly requested Market System has been added to Darkfall Unholy Wars. Along with the Market comes an all new Village System which makes capturing villages more meaningful and thus more important. Finally, two new ships have been added to the naval warfare aspect of Darkfall Unholy Wars. Sea Scraper collects treasure from the ocean floor, while Sloop is an awesome new warship. All of these went live yesterday!

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