OnRPG Shotgun News 7/10: Anarchy Online, SWTOR, Sevencore, and More!

OnRPG Shotgun News 7/10: Anarchy Online, SWTOR, Sevencore, and More!

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG Journalist



Anarchy Online Gets Major Updates


While Anarchy Online celebrates 11 years of being online some big changes have been underway. In the Monthly Development Update some of those changes have been laid out for players. They include a new engine, a new player experience, changes to professions, the market and even server mitigation. There will also be changes to how PvP flagging works.



Collectable Card Game Legacy of Heroes Launches

A comic book inspired collectable card game has been launched by 5th Planet Games today. Legacy of Heroes will be available only on Kongregate.com and will soon have digital and print comic books with the same name. Legacy of Heroes was written by Brian David-Marshall who has previously worked for Marvel, DC and several other companies in the comic book industry.



Tribal Wars Raises Flags


InnoGames announces the release of version 8.5 which introduces village flags. Flags are found and earned by defeating enemy troops and give upgrades to stats. These flags can be traded between members of the same tribe and also combined to make more powerful ones. This feature is currently being rolled out on English language worlds with more languages being introduced in coming days.



SEVENCORE Localized Closed Beta

Last week’s announcement that SEVENCORE would be going into closed beta now has a date! That date is today, for the French and German audiences. Closed beta will start this afternoon for anyone who has been selected to participate.



Endless Empires Open Beta


Rusty Axe Games announces that it’s free to play browser based strategy game Endless Empires has entered open beta. Endless Empires is compared to Risk, Lux, and Conquer Club.



The Secret World Opens New RP Dimension

To accommodate the ever increasing player base Funcom has opened an additional dimension. This one is called Leviathan and will be flagged as a role play dimension.



SWTOR Free Trial Begins

Today is the start of the SWTOR’s new free trial program. Players will be able to try out the game up to level 15, try out pvp and join friends in a Flashpoint without ever having to pay. Players who have previously taken part in weekend pass or the Friends of SWTOR are eligible to take part, however those who have previously had a STWOR account are not.



Farm Kingdom Gets Summer Update

Mail.Ru Games has introduced the latest update to Farm Kingdom. It features new territories, new items to collect and new quests. Players are also able to expand their estates and add a fishing shore to farms.

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