OnRPG Shotgun News 7/11: Planetside 2, LOTRO, Star Trek, and More!

OnRPG Shotgun News 7/11: Planetside 2, LOTRO, Star Trek, and More!

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG Journalist



PlanetSide 2 Beta

During the first episode of PlanetSide Command Center, the new dev diary series for PlanetSide 2 Executive Producer Josh Hackney announced that beta would begin for PlanetSide 2 sometime this month. He went on to reassure veteran players of PlanetSide that they would get high priority first access when the beta starts.




PEGI Becomes UK’s Sole Game Rating System

Starting July 30th the European game classification system PEGI will become the UK’s sole rating system. It will take over from the long running BBFC system after seeing large success in several Western European countries.



Warbands Coming to LOTRO


Warbands are coming with the new Riders of Rohan expansion which is due in September. These elite groups of mounted enemies are some of the deadliest riders found on the plains. New open tapping combat rules will ensure that multiple players can get credit and experience for defeating mount enemies even while ungrouped.



SWTOR Locks Servers Before Merge

As of today several of the SWTOR servers which will be merging have been locked. Locked servers can still be played on and players with characters already there will be able to create new ones. However, no new players or players who never previously played on those servers will be able to create new characters on the locked servers.



Crystal Saga Getting a New Server

A new pvp server is coming to Crystal Saga called Tidal Rush. To celebrate the opening of it’s 8th server several new activities will happen throughout July. The activities include killing dungeon bosses to collect items to receive a gift pack.



Champions Online and Star Trek Online Change Currency


As part of the process of combining Champions Online and Star Trek Online with their other games Perfect World has announced they are ending the use of Cryptic Points in favor of their own currency, ZEN. The conversion rate will be based on dollar value for the two currencies. This process is taking place during a scheduled maintenance on Thursday July 12th.



Power Cost Cut in Einherjar

From July 11th to July 18th players will see a reduction in the cost of power to perform activities such as hunting, mining, training, and construction. During this time power costs are reduced by 50% to help players develop their territory.



Sneak Peek at July Events in Soul of Guardian


Soul of Guardian is going through some changes in July, seeing some things added and others disappearing. There will be the addition of cross server pvping, a pvp arena new dungeons and events. While some of the old servers will be merged to create a more competitive environment at the request of the players.



Grepolis Toolbox for Andriod Released

Players can download the Grepolis Toolbox for free in the Android market. The app features, amongst other things notification alerts of incoming attacks, trade options and expansion options. Hendrik Klindworth, InnoGames co-founder and managing director has called it the “next step in this greater mobile campaign.”

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