OnRPG Shotgun News 7/12: Firefall, Fortuna, Arcane Saga, and much more

Firefall Offical Open Beta Tournament Announced

Now that Firefall’s open beta is successfully underway Red 5 has announced there will be a tournament hosted by ESL. Go4Firefall will begin August 4th for North American and European players and ultimately $9,000/€9,000 will be on the line. You can sign up now on the official Electronic Sports League website.


Trion Brings Aboard Former Activision Executive

Less than a day after the subtle announcement that End of Nations was back and is now a MOBA, Trion has announced they’ve brought in Former Activision Executive Robin Kaminsky. Though most likely unrelated, if you missed the End of Nations news yesterday you can still see it here.


Perfect World Announces New Browser Based Strategy Title


Earlier today Perfect World announced the creation of Fortuna, a browser based strategy title which will be available starting July 18th! Fortuna is set in Europe during a period of great discovery where players build their empires starting with little more than a quaint hamlet.


Elsword Goes to the UK

Starting July 17th players in the UK will be able to join the rest of Europe in playing the Anime 2D side scrolling action MMO Elsword. It is already available to German, French, Italian, Spanish and Polish audiences.


Tales of Solaris Launches Colosseum Mode


NGames has released an all new pet battle mode which is now available in Tales of Solaris. In the new mode players put their mini pets up against eachother in the arena called Colosseum Mode. And there is also a more complicated Zeal Colosseum which comes with greater rewards.


Arcane Saga Coming to an End

After relauching Arcane Saga earlier this year Netmarble has announced they will be closing the game for good, again. After reviewing costs it was determined that the operation costs were far greater than their income generated. The cash shop has already been shut down but the game will be available until September 19th. None of Netmarble’s other games will be affected. Arcane Saga was previously known as Prius Online.

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