OnRPG Shotgun news 7/12: Spirit Tales, AQ Worlds, Wakfu, DCUO, and More!

OnRPG Shotgun news 7/12: Spirit Tales, AQ Worlds, Wakfu, DCUO, and More!

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG Journalist



Spirit Tales Updates Classes and and Increases Customization


As of July 11th Spirit Tales players will be able to change their class to one of 12 special secondary classes. The secondary classes will feature new and refined skills which will allow any gamer over level 40 to further customize their characters to make them better in raids.



The Secret World Chat Bug Update and Live Stream

An explanation of the recent chat issues plaguing The Secret World has been posted by Funcom. The important thing to know is that they are working on the problem just as fast as they can manage and have several ideas. Also tomorrow there will be a live broadcast on Twitch with Director Ragnar Tørnquist and Lead Content Designer Joel Bylos.



Wakfu Releases Fourth Update

Trool Fair is the latest update to Square Enix’s MMO Wakfu. It introduces the Trool Fair, mobile arenas, and a new pet. The Trool Fair is a theme park with more than 20 mini-games that takes up an entire island. It can be accessed from all four nations and prizes include things like tokens, pets and other unique items.



FUNimation Acquires Significant Stake in GameSamba

GameSamba announced at San Diego Comic Con that FUNimation Entertainment has bought a majority stake in GameSamba. Last year they formed a strategic alliance and FUNimation’s president was named GameSamba’s first chairman in October. The decision was made after both parties saw that they had similar goals and ideals.



DCUO Tides of War Summer Event


War has broken out deep in the oceans. Its turned into an all out Atlantean civil war. In this summer event there are all new open world missions, a new boss battle and tons of great rewards available. Tides of War will begin with Update 16 and run for a limited time.



League of Legends Named Most Played PC Game

Over the last 12 months League of Legends has been the most played PC game according to data collected by Xfire. In North America and Europe almost 1.3 billion hours have been logged in. While World of Warcraft came in second with 622 million hours. The data was gathered from over 21 million Xfire users between July last year and the end of June this year.



Ragnarok Online Spawns Puzzle Game Angel Poring


Gravity Europe the publishers of Ragnarok Online have released an iOS game drawn from the universe of the hit MMO. The game stars Porings who are out to make a name for themselves. There are 70 levels that can be played with family and friends or solo too if you want.



Phantasy Star Online 2 Hacked

Phantasy Star Online 2 has apparently been hacked as some sort of prank. NPCs have been moved to locations putting them out of reach of players. Sega has announced they are aware of the hack and that no player data was leaked. Some Japanese sites are blaming foreigners for the attacks saying that the alleged hackers spoke English.



AdventureQuest Worlds Celebrates Friday the 13th with Musician Aurelio Voltare

Artix Entertainment is hosting a Friday the 13th event in the hit MMO AdventureQuest Worlds with special guest Aurelio Voltare. This Friday players team up with the musician and his undead teddy bear to take down The Beast Master and his clone army.



Stronghold Kingdoms Launches on New Amazon Free to Play Store

Firefly Studios has announced that its free to play castle MMO Stronghold Kingdoms will be available via the new Amazon Game Connect store. Players who sign up made through the service get a $10 bonus. Players will also be able to buy currency in the new store.

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