OnRPG Shotgun News 7/18: Guns of Icarus, SWTOR, ARGO, and More!

OnRPG Shotgun News 7/18: Guns of Icarus, SWTOR, ARGO, and More!

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG Journalist



Guns of Icarus Returns to Closed Beta


After some big updates Guns of Icarus is returning for a 6th closed beta weekend on July 20th. The updated version will feature major graphical improvements, bug fixes and a scalable UI. The only way to have guaranteed access this weekend is to preorder before tomorrow on the website.



SWTOR Executive Producer Leaves Bioware While Layoffs Occur

Recent rumors had been going around of a shake up at the BioWare Austin, the home of SWTOR. It has finally been formally announced that Executive Producer Rich Vogel has left the company as well several layoffs. These layoffs are attributed to ongoing staff reductions which have been going on since May.


ARGO Online Gets Biggest Update Yet


Free to play steampunk/fantasy online RPG ARGO Online has received it’s biggest update since launching. The new update features an all new continent that brings with it a increased level cap with new pve and pvp content.



Einherjar Event Gets Bloody

Einherjar has announced their latest summer event which starts today! This one is titled “More Bloods, More Gifts”. Between now and the 25th if players can get the Blood of Odin/Thor/Freya they will receive a dark ring, dark chain and runic proof. Players can get this gift multiple times through the event.



RuneScape’s Soloman’s General Store Debuts

RuneScape’s new in game store has gone live and fans of the game have swamped it before the official announcement was even made. Players will be able to buy RuinCoins which can be used to purchase things in the new store. Items for sale range from wardrobe outfits to emotes and animations. Players will receive a one time free gift of 200 RuneCoins which can be claimed in the store.



70% of DCUO Players are on PS3

SOE boss John Smedley has said that 70% of DCUO players are playing on the Playstation 3 during an interview with GamesIndustry International. He went on to say that there was some difficulty in convincing the hardware manufacturer to take a bet on console free to play but that the numbers do the talking.


Knight Age Finishes Successful Closed Beta


A record setting number of people logged in to take part in Knight Age’s closed beta week which started July 10th. In the hours before beta began so many were interested the servers were nearly crashed just trying to download the client.



Allods Online Announces New Horizons

North American and European Allods Online players will get a special treat on August 8th with the newest expansion titled New Horizons. With it comes the ability to create custom allods, an introduction of ship to ship territory fights as well as a new North American server.



Vindictus Updates Takes Leaps


Nexon American has announced the latest update to Vindictus where players can start a character at level 50 instantly. Characters who are jumped ahead will receive powerful weapons and armor to go with their new status. This is only going on until August 1st though so if you’re interested in taking advantage of this do it soon.



Soul of Guardian Launches Crystal Forest

Soul of Guardian has launched a 17th server which is named Crystal Forest after a newly revealed dungeon. The dungeon itself is for players level 60 or higher and players can access it twice a day.



Digital Board Game Minion Master Announced


Independent micro studio BitFlip Games has announced their debut strategy release that combines board game with collectable card games and real time strategy. It will be unveiled for the first time at PAX Prime. Anyone who visits the BitFlip booth will be given limited edition cards from the game. Anyone who preorders between now an the end of PAX will receive a special in game character. David Steinwedel, Executive Producer at BitFlip said this about the game; “We’ve been heavily influenced by classics such as Magic: The Gathering and Starcraft.”

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