OnRPG Shotgun News 7/19: SWTOR, Neverwinter, EVE, and much more!

Ultima Forever Delayed

Mythic has announced that Ultima Forever, the mobile online RPG has been pushed back a few weeks so they can spend a little bit more time on the economy and wrangling performance across all devices. So far the response has been nothing but positive, as fans would like to see the game released properly working rather than quickly.


SWTOR Gets Tauntaun Mounts

swtor tauntaun

The Galaxy’s favorite mount/hand warmer is coming to Star Wars The Old Republic. This information comes thanks to Dulfy from Dulfy.net who always seems to know things about SWTOR and GW2 before anyone else. There isn’t any information on when the Tauntaun mounts will be coming, though Dulfy’s best guess is that it will most likely be with update 2.4.


Jagex Announces Further Layoffs

Earlier this month Jagex announced they laid off 13 people from the team working on Transformers and now 10 more staff members have been laidoff as part of organizational restructuring. The 10 staff were all working on new projects which Jagex is shifting focus towards Transformers Universe and RuneScape.


Neverwinter Releases New Companions


New companions have arrived in Neverwinter, Lillend and Ghost Compaion. The Ghost deals necrotic damage to player’s foes and is available for purchase via the zen store. Lillend is a celestial creature with a fondness for art and music. She is available until August 1st in Profession Packs, but it is left up to chance. She is the first purple quality companion healer in Neverwinter.


Raptr Introduces Twitch Streaming

Raptr users are now able to stream to Twitch with the use of the desktop app and no extra software. On this Twitch CEO, Emmett Shear said, “A goal of Twitch is to be wherever gamers are, whether it’s on laptops and handheld devices or integrated into gaming consoles and software.” Using the Twitch widget Raptr users will be able to stream to their Twitch stream with just a few clicks.


EVE Intruduces New Collector’s Edition

As part of the 10th anniversary celebrations in EVE, CCP is introducing a new collector’s edition of the game full of physical collectable goodies. It will include the board game that helped fund EVE, an EVE history book, EVE score recorded by a symphony orchestra, a ship model and tons of digital items too.


Ubisoft Announces Estimate Release Dates for The Crew and Tom Clancy’s The Division

There has been a small bit of news from San Diego Comic Con. Ubisoft announced that The Crew will be working towards a release in the first quarter of 2014 on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. While Tom Clancy’s The Division isn’t due for release until late in 2014 for Xbox One and PS4.

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