OnRPG Shotgun News 7/24: LoL, EVE, Guild Wars 2, and much more!

OnRPG Shotgun News 7/24: LoL, EVE, Guild Wars 2, and much more!

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG Journalist



League of Legends Champion Zyra Highlighted

The highly anticipated champion Zyra has been highlighted in the League of Legends Champion Spotlight video series. Zyra is a ranged mage who uses seeds to quicky grow vines and other plants to use against her foes. Her passive is called Rise of the Thorns which transforms her upon death into a plant who lets loose a line nuke which damages all enemy targets it hits. Her ultimate attack is an AoE knockup called Stranglethorns. Many of her attacks compliment eachother making her plants hit harder and many other things. For more information and to learn more about her attacks watch the video below.





EVE Online: Inferno 1.2 Announced

EVE’s Inferno 1.2 expansion is coming on August 8th! Features include a graphics update for the Angel Cartel ships, intuitive instructions for a better new player experience, as well as the continuing rebalancing of New Eden.





Iris Online Closing


Yesterday Iris Online fans around the world got the sad news that gPotato would be closing it down on July 31st after 2 years. Fans on the official forums have expressed their sadness but also said that they aren’t surprised.


Thanks to our own forum goer ManMac89 for the tip.



Jagex Gets a New Studio

Runescape developers Jagex have announced they have opened a new studio outside of Cambridge. Jagex CEO Mark Gerhard also said that the studio is working on a very experimental, and top secret project.



Guild Wars 2 Name Reservation Deadline


For the players of Guild Wars who want to reserve their characters names before the launch of Guild Wars 2 there is an important date coming up. On July 31st the name reservation list will be compiled so you must get your name on the list before then. This is only available to active Guild Wars players who have logged in sometime in 2012. Players will then until shortly after launch to claim the name in the game before the names are freed for anyone to use.



THQ Avoids NASDAQ Delisting

Publisher THQ has confirmed they have reached the minimum bid price required for being listed on NASDAQ. This comes after THQ stock has stayed above a $1 closing bid price for 10 days consecutively.



Defiance TV Series Now in Production


Trion Worlds together with Syfy Channel have announced that production of the television series tied to upcoming MMO Defiance has begun in Canada. This comes after the filming of the pilot earlier this year. Defiance is expected to have 12 episodes in the first season all of which tie in to the Defiance MMO from Trion Worlds. The game and series will debut in April of 2013.



Gamigo User Information Taken During Hacking

8.2 million email addresses and 11 million passwords have been stolen and posted online. They come from a hacking of German MMO gaming site Gamigo which was believed to have been hacked in March. When Gamigo became aware of the attack in March all passwords for its games and accounts were reset to minimize the effects of the leak.



Conquer Online 3 Announced


The highly anticipated sequal to NetDragon’s free to play MMO Conquer Online 2 has been announced. Conquer Online 3 is still in development but an official website has gone online. Conquer Online 3 boasts smoother controls, better graphics and the controversial Battle Power feature has been eliminated.



Path of Exile Hosts Open Beta Weekend

This coming weekend Path of Exile is opening for a weekend of open beta access. The beta servers will be made open for public access at 5PM PDT on July 27th and remain open until 11:59PM PDT on July 29th. During the open weekend special events will also be held.



Need for Speed World Celebrates 2nd Anniversary


Need for Speed World, the MMO racing game from EA is two years old and celebrating with a week of giveaways. Each day this week something different will be given away as well as double xp until Friday.

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