OnRPG Shotgun News 7/27: C9, The Secret World, City of Steam, and More!

OnRPG Shotgun News 7/27: C9, The Secret World, City of Steam, and More!

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG Journalist


C9 Reworks Berserker Class


C9’s second official update is coming on August 1st and with it comes an all new Berserker class. The Berserker class uses a two handed broadsword with slow, but massive attacks. An event will be held with prizes for players who get their Berserker to level 50.



GDC Online Awards Finalists Announced

The 3rd annual GDC Online Awards Finalists have been announced. SWTOR has the most nominations with six. Other MMOs nominated are Glitch, League of Legends, and RIFT. The awards will be handed out later this year.



The Secret World’s First Event and Open weekend announced


During today’s Funcom live stream for The Secret World it was announced that starting on August 9th anyone who has ever made an account (or anyone who makes an account) will get free access to The Secret World to celebrate the month. There will also be in game activities and fireworks! There will also be a competition to earn an in game tshirt by completing 30 missions in one day.



City of Steam Holds Second Alpha Weekend and Releases Dev Journal

The latest City of Steam dev journal gives some background into one of the Human races the Ostenians. It talks about their religious beliefs and other important things to know about them. Later today the second Alpha weekend will begin which will feature the Elven races.



Battlestar Galactica Online Hosts Summer Games


Olympic fever has come to Battlestar Galactica Online with a variety of events players will be able to take part in. This includes a decathlon of tournaments. The event will run until August 12th.


Registration for Universal Monsters Closed Beta Now Open

Bigpoint has announced they are now accepting registrations for Universal Monster’s closed beta. To register your interest go to the Universal Monsters website.



Grepolis Olympic Event Starts Today


For the next four weeks the Olympics have come to Grepolis. There will be four events to compete in and there will be reward bonuses and advantages for those who take part.

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