OnRPG Shotgun News 7/3: Dragon’s Prophet, Neverwinter, Mechwarrior and more!

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG European News Editor


Dragon’s Prophet Announces First Event


Starting today citizens all over Auratia are celebrating the annual Ancient Shadow Festival in rememberance of the great Warthorne who sacrificed himself during the Second Dragon War in Dragon’ Prophet. The event will be running from now until July 17th where players will be solving riddles to learn more about the history behind Dragon’s Prophet. Along with all of this next week will see an awesome patch which will on top of other things raise the level cap to 70.


Runescape 3 Release Date Announced

Jagex has announced that the highly anticipated launch of Runescape 3 will take place July 22nd. This is the biggest update in the 12 year history of Runescape with a move to HTML 5 to enhance player experience and much more.


Mechwarrior Gives Us Numbers.

1.1  Million Registered Pilots

9.6 Million Hours (1100 years) of played time

3 Billion tons of metal destroyed

2,451,270,519 lasers fired

1.0: 9/17/2013

That’s right! Update 1.0 comes on September 17th

Neverwinter Celebrates Lliira

Starting today and running until July 8th Neverwinter is hosting the Celebration of Lliira event. There will be daily missions in Protector’s Enclave, fashionable headwear, and more! Not only that but during the whole thing there will be double the rough astral diamonds.

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