OnRPG Shotgun News 7/31: Aion and The Secret World

Aion Introduces Player Designed Weapons


Late last year Aion held weapon design contests, and now that the contests are over, the designs have been made, they can finally be seen in game. There is one new skin for each class. The winners of the competition will receive the weapons for free while everyone else can get these weapons on the Black Cloud Marketplace.


The Secret World July Director Letter Looks Ahead


The end of the month means a letter of love from TSW Game Director Joel Bylos. This month Joel has announced that the development team is being split in two. One team to focus on updates for Issue 8, while the other works on Tokyo for Issue 9. Issue 8 will begin at the Council of Venice where players will be able to access the new Scenario system and earn certification to enter the Tokyo playfield coming in Issue 9.

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