OnRPG Shotgun News 7/5: Maplestory, Drakensang, Pockie Ninja II, and More!

OnRPG Shotgun News 7/5: Maplestory, Drakensang, Pockie Ninja II, and More!

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG Journalist




Study shows more than half of European Internet Users use Micropayments

A study done by Hi-Media Payments has shown that 52% of internet users are micropayment users. This includes payments around the $10/£10/€10 mark. Everything from game subscriptions to online music and even game currencies. The German market have the most micropayment users with 60% of the internet users using them. 88% of all micropayments in Europe are done some way other than credit card. Overall this is a 45% growth in micropayments in the last year.



Star Supremacy Q&A Session

The development team behind held a player question and answer session. Many of the questions were about the games strategy and when certain features would be released. To see the entire Q&A go to the Star Supremacy website. http://ssupremacy.com/bbs/viewthread.php?tid=5320&extra=page%3D1


EU Ruling Allows Resale of Games

An EU ruling has found that game companies cannot legally stop users from reselling programs they have downloaded from the internet. This means, if you live in Europe you are now allowed to sell games you’ve bought on Steam, GoG, and Origin. This is despite the fact that most EULAs forbid it. This is going to lead to one of two things. 1. A mass change in EULAs or 2. An argument that the ruling doesn’t apply to them if they aren’t based in the EU. Will this new ruling stretch as far as accounts? It is one possibility.



Demon Slayer comes to MapleSEA


The final part of the Legends content update in the localized version of MapleStory has arrived. Demon Slayer is the first dark class and has a unique background, which includes him killing his family and fighting alongside the Resistance.


Grepolis Brings the Olympics Back

In Ancient Greece the Olympic games were a time of peace and as the London Olympics approach the players of Grepolis are preparing for games of their own, Grepolympia.



ACTA Defeated by EU Parliament


For the first time the European Parliament has rejected an international trade agreement. ACTA was dealt a huge defeat in the EU Parliament with 478 votes against it and only 39 in favour. It was noted that an unprecedented level of lobbying from EU citizens in the forms of phone calls, emails and street demonstrations lead to this decision. They also receive an online petition signed by 2.8 million people calling for ACTA to be rejected.


Pockie Ninja II Closed Beta Launch

Pockie Ninja II, an online social strategy game developed by NGames announces it has launched closed beta. To celebrate this they’re giving away in game prizes through their Twitter and Facebook.



Drakensang Online Update


Bigpoint announces the biggest update yet to Drakensang with a new continent, more than 100 quests and tons of new monsters. Players will go up against creatures and warriors from the long lost empire of Atlantis.



Reloaded Games Merges with K2

Reloaded Games and K2 have merged and will operate as Reloaded Games Inc. Bjorn Book-Larsson, CEO of K2 will become the CEO of Reloaded Games. They will continue to focus on their free2play and publishing portal Gamers first.



Terra Militaris Opens New Servers


gPotato’s Terra Militaris will have new servers opening today. To celebrate this event Terra Militaris are holding competitions for prizes worth up to €7,000 which range from in game items to a Samsung Galaxy Tab for the top prize.

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