OnRPG Shotgun News 7/8 Pt1: Neverwinter, WoW, Guncraft, and more!

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG European News Editor


Neverwinter Unveils Campaign System

Malabog Castle

As part of the upcoming summer update to Neverwinter players will get to use an all new UI for a brand new Campaign System. In it players will find projects they’ll have to complete to unlock new areas of the new Sharandar area, get new passive powers for their characters and more. This will also be the way to gain access to the MalabogCastle dungeon. The Fury of the Feywild is expected to launch sometime this summer, so keep your eyes peeled.


World of Warcraft to Experiment with Microtransactions

Deep on the World of Warcraft forums, hidden on page 9 of an 86 page long discussion Jonathan Brown, World of Warcraft Senior community rep (aka Zarhym) broke the news that Blizzard is experimenting with a way allow players to make purchases within the game, microtransactions. This has sparked a huge debate and even a hashtag campaign #NOWOWCASHSHOP


Pockie Pirates Celebrates First Anniversary


Pockie Pirates is celebrating one year of being live! With it the level cap has been raised, two new maps have been added on top of some awesome new shiny gear. And if you’ve been away a while you can log in to get some special rewards. Congratulations on your first year!


Guncraft Introduces Twitch Integration

Using Twitch’s Software Development kit Exacto Game Studio has integrated Twitch streaming into Guncraft. This means no software will be needed to stream matches, something that is slowly becoming an industry standard for shooters.

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