OnRPG Shotgun News 8/1: World of Tanks, Elsword, Age of Conan, and Much More!

OnRPG Shotgun News 8/1: World of Tanks, Elsword, Age of Conan, and Much More!

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG Journalist



Zentia Closing It’s Doors


After almost 2 years of operation Zentia will be closing its doors. Servers will go offline on August 13th at midnight PST. Any remaining Zentia tokens players have can be transferred to Dragon Oath or Sword Girls if a ticket is submitted through customer support before September 13th.



Zynga Facing Class Action Lawsuit Over Stock Selloff

Zynga is facing at lawsuit after it was revealed that Zynga’s top executives and investors had been taking part in a massive selloff of stock just prior to a dismal quarter revenue reveal. The selloff of stock amounted $500 million combined. Only one lawsuit has been filed currently but other firms are investigating as well. Zynga is being investigated for many problems, the worst of them being insider trading.



Age of Conan to Use The Secret World Technology


After the success of The Secret World, Funcom has announced they will be taking Age of Conan in a similar direction. They will be adopting the single server technology, a process which has already begun and will continue through the rest of the year. In addition they are seeking feedback from players on subjects such as the idea of making smaller content releases instead of saving things up for one big release.



S4 League Season Four Coming this Fall

The fourth season of S4 League is expected this fall and the first details of it’s sequel will be revealed at Gamescom in just two weeks time. Season four will include extensive innovations for both PvE and PvP play.



Rage of 3 Kingdoms


Malaysian publisher RMS has announced the open beta for its war strategy game Rage of 3 Kingdoms. It was awarded Top 10 Web Game of 2011 soon after its Asian launch. Rage of 3 Kingdoms is expanding worldwide after having secured itself in the Asian market.



Norrathian Home Show Returns to Everquest II

The home/dungeon show has made a return to Everquest II. They are inviting players to submit images and descriptions of their homes and dungeons to be featured on the Everquest II website.



Everquest Gets a Cosmetic Armor System


SOE has announced Everquest is getting a cosmetic outfit system this August. It is called Hero’s Forge and is an add-on system that will be sold per character. A free set of armor will be given when you purchase the new system. It will continue to be expanded in the future with new armor and color variations.



Elsword Releases Chung Class Upgrades

Manga inspired MMORPG Elsword is releasing Chung’s advanced forms today. Chung is best known for wielding a giant cannon and the ability to activate berserker rage mode. He will now also be able to upgrade to become a Deadly Chaser or Iron Paladin. For a limited time players who give Chung a try will receive bonus experience and a free weapon.



Harvest Festival: All Signs Announced


Red Panda Games has announced their latest project Harvest Festival: All Signs will be released on January 1st. It is a free online social farming game that is completely language free. A unique trade and barter system will replace traditional currency.



Vindictus Unleashes a Dragon in Newest Update

In the latest update to come to Vindictus Europe an extremely powerful Dragon God has been unleashed. Echulus can be found in the newest raid which puts you face to face with the God of Fomors. The new raid starts at level 40. In addition there will be new weapons and armor for level 70s.



Bullet Run Is Officially Live


The new free to play first person shooter from SOE, Bullet Run, has completed its open beta testing and is now officially live for the PC. Players go up against eachother in a reality TV show setting where players are called Contestants and performance is everything.



World of Tanks Update 7.5 is Live in Europe

Wargaming has announced that the update 7.5 has come to World of Tanks Europe and will be released in North America tomorrow. Features include new tier 10 tanks, tank destroyers and battle arenas and premium vehicles. There are also three new maps which all take place in North America.

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