OnRPG Shotgun News 8/10: PSO2, Battle.net Hacked, RIFT, and More!

OnRPG Shotgun News 8/10: PSO2, Battle.net Hacked, RIFT, and More!

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG Journalist



Hello readers! This is going to be my last Shotgun News for about a week. I’m off with fellow writer (and husband) Ardua to bring you guys all the latest news from Gamescom. Shotgun News will be making its return on August 21st. But for now there is a lot of exciting news for you to read.



Phantasy Star Online 2 Making Western Debut at PAX Prime


Sega has announced that Phantasy Star Online 2 (PSO2) would be making its western debut at PAX Prime later this month. The game has more than 730,000 players in Japan since launching less than a month ago. They will also be showing Aliens: Colonial Marines, The Cave, Hell Yeah! – Wrath of the Dead Rabbit, Jet Set Radio, NiGHTS into dreams…, Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, and an as yet unannounced digital title.



Blizzard’s Battle.net Hacked

Blizzard is urging all Battle.net users to change their passwords after hackers compromised the service and took some personal information. Steps have been taken to close the illegal access but Blizzard is still urging caution. Data which includes a list of email addresses for global players outside of China, The answer to the personal security question, and information about the dial in authenticators. Blizzard will be asking people to change their secret questions and updating their authenticator software in the next few weeks.



RIFT Dev Diary Shows off Storm Legion

A new Dev Diary from Rift is showing off upcoming expansion Storm Legion. It is the perfect summary of what we can expect to see in Storm Legion, or at least what they’ve told us so far. Tonight they will be revealing the new Mage soul during a special livestream event.




Bioware Co-Founder Addresses Rumors

Greg Zeschuk has clarified rumors about him leaving Bioware saying that he had handed over leadership of the studio so he could focus on a wider range of Bioware games. Rumors had been circulating for several days that he had left Bioware after not being seen attending meetings.



Firefall Gets New eSports Toolkit


Red 5 Studios has announced a new eSports Toolkit for upcoming free to play action shooter Firefall. It has unique spectator modes and streamlined shoutcaster controls. In observer mode anyone can watch matches through a number of cameras which includes a top down action cam which will zoom in on where the action is. Broadcast mode will have replay controls and a multi camera preview.



TERA Lawsuit Settled With NCsoft

En Masse has confirmed that it has settled the Tera lawsuit filed in the US by NCsoft. En Masse maintains its innocence and wouldn’t disclose the details of the settlement. The lawsuit revolved around allegations that developer Bluehole which employed former NCsoft staff stole assets for Lineage III and used them in the creation of TERA.



Knight Age Open Beta Coming


Joymax has announced 17 events and activities for the upcoming Knight Age open beta which starts August 28th. Players will be able to start downloading the client on August 14th. Those who participated in the closed beta will need only to patch their client.



Guild Wars 2 Hosts Another Stress Test

ArenaNet is holding another stress test today for anyone who has pre purchased Guild Wars 2. Today’s test is running from 7PM EDT to 11PM EDT.



Questing For Bosses Comes to Wakfu

The newest update to Wakfu is live. With it comes Utimate Bosses, a new quest system, class balancing, adorable new pets, and more. To learn more check out the video below.



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