OnRPG Shotgun News 8/7: TERA, Diablo III, Maple Sea, and Plenty More!

OnRPG Shotgun News 8/7: TERA, Diablo III, Maple Sea, and Plenty More!

By Shannon Doylke (Leliah), OnRPG Journalist



TERA Warriors and Lancers Get New Skills

In a new teaser video from EnMasse a few new abilities for Warriors and Lancers in TERA have been shown off. Two Lancer and Three Warrior abilities will debut with the next major patch called The Argon Queen. The two Lancer abilities are called Backstep and Wallop. Backstep does exactly what it says on the tin while Wallop hits the ground and knocks your enemy down. The three Warrior abilities are Cross Parry, Smoke Flanker, and Reaping Slash. Cross Parry is a block, Smoke Flanker teleports you behind your enemy and hits them while Reaping Slash is an amazing looking spin attack which knocks down your enemy.



China Bans MMO TV Series

The Chinese State Authority of Radio, Film and Television have ruled that no television shows may be made from an MMO property. There is currently one show in China that is based on an MMO world.



MapleSEA Sees Major Overhaul


Asiasoft has announced the official launch of MapleSEA’s latest content upate, Return of the Forces. The major focus on this update has been giving several classes major overhauls. The Ellin Forest has also gone through some changes which include adding two new bosses to the map.



Soul of Guardian Merges Servers

Soul of Guardian is merging three of its servers (1-3) in order to promote a more competitive and balanced environment for PvPing. The merge will take place tomorrow, August 8th. At which time all rankings will be reset but guild information will remain.



Aion Update 3.0 Comes to Europe


The much anticipated 3.0 update is coming to Europe on August 15th. The highlights of the update are two new areas, mounts, a housing system and much more. Sarpan and Tiamaranta offer areas for PvP and PvE players to enjoy. There are single and multiplayer instances, colossal bosses and an increase level cap to 60.



Diablo III Gets an Armory

New character profiles are coming to Diablo III that are very similar to the Armory datatbase for World of Warcraft. The profiles will allow you to view gear and stats for yourself and others as well as many other things. To see them all you have to do is log in with your Battle.net account.

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