OnRPG Shotgun News 9/11: TSW, GW2, WoW, War of Angels, and more!

OnRPG Shotgun News 9/11: TSW, GW2, WoW, War of Angels, and more!

By Shannon Doyle (Leliah), OnRPG Journalist



Guild War 2 Sales Resume

After temporarily stopping the sale of digital copies of Guild Wars 2 ArenaNet has brought digital sales back online. Along with it came the official trailer for Guild Wars 2 which brought in James McTeigue the director of V for Vendetta and Assistant Director of the Matrix series.



Mists of Pandaria Coming to an Ad Break Near You

World of Warcraft fans rejoice! Mists of Pandaria is only 2 weeks away. And as part of the build up to launch date Blizzard has released a few commercials for tv. World of Warcraft has been known for some time for having high profile commercials airing on television, something that is rare for MMOs.



Secret World Lead Designer Let Go


The lead designer for The Secret World, Martin Bruusgaard told fans on twitter that he is no longer with Funcom. This comes after Funcom was hit with massive lay offs in part due to lower than expected performance of The Secret World. The good news is Martin has found another job already, sadly not in the MMO industry. His presence will be missed.



38 Studios Collapse Becomes Political

With election season in full swing Rhode Island is starting to ask more and more questions about what took place with 38 Studios and asking politicians to answer for the money lost. Though the leading politicians around the scandal have resigned it is still being felt in the election this year.



War of Angels is Reborn

War of Angels has received a huge update with all new graphics, updated quests new loot and RvR battlefields. All of the changes made were inspired by player feedback they’ve received since launch.



Perfect World International Celebrates Four Years

PWI is celebrating their fourth anniversary with prizes and in game events. Every player can expect to get a gift, what you get depends on how long you’ve been a PWI player. 500 random players who claim their anniversary prize will be given 500 ZEN free. All of the instructions on how to claim your prize is on the anniversary’s page of the PWI website.



Path of Exile Open Beta Weekend


Path of Exile is hosting another Open Beta Weekend this week September 14th-16th. The weekend will include events and competitions. To sign up visit the Path of Exile website



Dragon’s Call II Closed Beta Starts Today

Even though Dragon’s Call II doesn’t have a proper website yet the closed beta festivities are getting underway tonight at 10 PM EST. To be eligible to take part grab a beta key from the giveaway right here at OnRPG!

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