OnRPG/MMOHuts Gamescom Best in Show Awards

OnRPG/MMOHuts Gamescom Best in Show Awards

By Shannon and Jonathan Doyle (OnRPG Journalists)



Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the OnRPG/MMOHuts GamesCom Awards.



We have been back and forth, pounded the walkways of the convention centre and come up with the following for you. Hope you enjoy.



Best Cosplay

Best Free To Play Title

Best Subscription Title

Best Sneak Peek

Best Non MMO

Best Upcoming




Best Expansion

Best Co-Op Shooter

And of course Best In Show


So on with it!



Best Cosplay:

You know, I’ll be honest. I have no idea what they were dressed as and they couldn’t really tell me or Leliah thanks to a language barrier. However, style and attitude count for a lot. Best Cosplay goes to these two lovely girls.



Runner Up: Of course people put their most work in what they love, that’s why the Runner Up deserves a mention and a look, World Of Warcraft inspires again.




Best Sneak Peek: The Secret World

I may be biased (go on and correct me in the forums if you want). If I had to pick any one sneak peek that we saw, that is an update and not an expansion to any existing game, to win this award; hands down The Secret World takes the cake. From the dark and creepy monster art for Tokyo to the sheer fun of Rocket jumping into Atenists to the New York Raid, The Secret World scoops it.


Runner Up: The Old Republic

Not to be forgotten by any stretch is The Old Republic which peeked first for community and finally showed the floor the new updates coming in the future.



Honorable Mention: Project Theralon

In sneak peeks, I know I already defined it as an update to an existing game, but we will give an honorable mention to Infernum Games Project Theralon. It’s not quite ready for alpha, but it is shaping up wonderfully.



Best Non MMO: Star Trek

Ushered into a dark room and equipped with 3-D glasses, we sat down to see some early in game footage of Star Trek. I am reasonably convinced that what I saw was straight into the mind of J.J. Abrams and the next movie. Absolutely gorgeous visuals, spot on voice acting and the humour of 2009’s Star Trek movie were all featured in the play through. Hands down, the best non MMO we saw.



Runner Up: Sim City

Every time we wandered past the Sim City booth I grabbed at it like a baby who wanted her bottle. Anyone who is a fan of the Sim City series will have been waiting nearly a decade for a new one to come out. Now that it is just within our grasp we must start preparing to surrender our lives to our Sim overlords.



Best Upcoming: Defiance

Best Upcoming, like Best Sneak Peek is an unusual category. This is our nomination for the as yet unreleased games that excited us the most, regardless of any subdivision. To that end, Best Upcoming goes to Defiance. It isn’t content with “merely” being available on XBox 360, Playstation 3 and your PC. It is coming to your television too. Defiance is attempting to blend an MMOFPS with a television show in a manner that literally has never been done before. As a gamer as well as a science fiction fan, I couldn’t be more excited.



Runner Up: World of Warplanes

I admit it. I am not just a gamer, not just a sci-fi geek. I am totally a World War II guy. World of Warplanes scoops the runner up for Best Upcoming for the impressive, enjoyable and extremely diverse dogfighting world they are bringing to players.



Best MMORTS: End Of Nations

It appeared to me that if I wasn’t playing an MMOFPS or co-op shooter this year, I was playing Real Time Strategy. Leliah covers the less shoot you in the face sort of things and so this was left entirely up to me. My pick for the best MMORTS at Gamescom based on the pure enjoyment factor: End of Nations.



Best MMOFPS: Firefall

There were so many options. So many choices. The larger FPS games, compared to the smaller but no less enjoyable co-op team shooters, all faced off this year. In the end, there could be only one. For me, that one was Firefall. However my top 3 were all SciFi shooters so FireFall definitely has some stiff competition to compete with this year.



Runner Up: Dust514

Firefall may stand victorious but it was by no means an easy battle. CCPs Dust 514 takes Runner Up after sneakily putting a bullet in Planetside 2 while it wasn’t watching.



Best MMORPG: Neverwinter

There is nothing in the world more worthy of the title “RPG” than Dungeons and Dragons. That alone would be no where near enough to secure Best MMORPG for Neverwinter. Neither would the exceptionally fun combat and gorgeous visuals experienced on the convention floor. Finally by itself the ingenious Foundry system from Cryptic, seen in an earlier form in Star Trek Online, wouldn’t be enough to win. Taken all together, the setting, the lore, the love, the looks and the Foundry, hands down Best MMORPG goes to Neverwinter. More on the Foundry soon.



Runner Up: C9 (Continent of The Ninth Seal)

When you think of MMORPGS you think of grand settings, awesome moves and a compelling story. C9 has all that and so much more. What ended up really drawing me in were the amazing graphics, how fun it was and how easy it was for a complete newbie to pick up while playing on a Korean keyboard.



Best MMO Expansion: Rift: Storm Legion

There weren’t many expansions to be seen at Gamescom this year. So you might think that makes the choice even easier. But it really doesn’t. When it came down to decision time we went with Rift simply for the sheer size and awesomeness that went into it. The world will be three times the size it is now; each class is getting a new soul, housing, and a level cap increase. For a first expansion Rift is really outdoing themselves.


Runner Up: World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria

To ignore the Panda in the room would be nothing short of idiocy. Mists of Pandaria drew huge crowds, had a danceoff and had lines at all times of the day. It is safe to say that people are looking forward to World of Warcraft’s fourth expansion.



Best Co-Op Shooter: Warface

Once again, it comes down to personal preference. Personal experience. I experienced a fair few co-op shooters in Cologne but if I had to pick one to win, without a doubt it goes to Warface. Engaging PvE content, fun PvP content and a shotgun on the medic that left me giggling and enemies flying… Warface takes it.



Runner Up: Arctic Combat

Maybe I am a sucker for helicopters and UAVs. Maybe it all comes down to fun. The runner up for best co-op shooter then goes to Arctic Combat for the second most fun I ever had getting owned in the face.



Best Unique F2P Title: Brick Force

There were many shooters of both the massive and co-op types this year. I had the chance to play many, see many more and come to some conclusions. If I had to give Best Free To Play title to any one game, it’d be for sheer fun factor above and beyond any FPS/RPG/RTS subdivision. In this, Brick Force takes the cake for me. Is it pretty? Well… if you like cubes it is. Is it massively complex? You shoot the other guys to win. Is it fun? Oh my God yes!



Brick Force is what you get when you cross Minecraft, a map editor and a team based FPS shooter and blend until awesome. Design, build, dominate.



Best Subscription Title: Rift

What can I say? The competition may have been narrow with the sheer number of free to play titles out there on the floor and online. Even so, don’t consider this a throw away. Rift wins for its sheer aggressive updating, ear to the community, constant improvements and bright future.




Best In Show: League Of Legends

Who put on the best show? Who brought legions of fans to Cologne? Who or what stole peoples hearts, minds and attention better than anything else. Judging by the adoring fans, the ESL tournaments, the consistently packed booth whether hats were flying or not, the Best in Show from OnRPG andMMOHuts goes to Riot Games’ League of Legends.


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