Open Beta Information – Stunning set of future Features revealed!

The Florensia Staff announced the progress of upcoming updates and an exciting glimpse into the future of Florensia. Take a look at the announcement in the official forum and find out more about the two major Balancing Updates, upcoming additions like the Seal Item System, Second Classes and the Avery Mansion Dungeon. Awesome PvP features like Siege Warfare and Guild Wars are currently being developed – sign up right now to receive the latest news and to be among the first to set foot or sail in the untouched world of Florensia!

Official Florensia Western Global Website:
Open Beta Announcement in the official forum:

The Florensia Staff also announces that the new official website will be launched together with the Open Beta around mid-July. Take a look at the first screenshots of the website and get ready for the Open Beta! All servers have been wiped and are waiting for the bravers who dare to venture into the endangered world of Florensia!

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