Open Military Academy now launching thanks to the successful In-Game Operator Hiring!

With Your Destiny Global have successfully selected 36 in-game operators out of the list 50 players that undergo extensive training together with the GMs for the release of the Open Military Academy.  The training started on Aug. 2 and was held for 3 days and finally ended on Aug. 5, 2007.  The trainees were divided into to batches and attentively study all the things that will need to know about WYD Global with the help of the GMs.  These trainees will serve a very important task on becoming a Chief of the Military Academy.  The successful trainees will guide the new players in their hunting expeditions during their class in the Open Military Academy.  The assigned Chiefs will have to share all their knowledge on how to level up quickly.  They are also needed to answer all the questions of the new players that are regarding the game. 

            The classes in the Open Military Academy officially started today August 7, 2007 and as expected a lot of players sign in to join.  Players level 1 – 255 participated in the start of the event.  Guild Leaders and the Sub Guild Leaders will teach their class all they need to know about the game and eventually leading them to becoming a level 256 player.  The day started with a series of activities that aim to help the trainees to level up faster.  All the trainees will receive daily provisions and can join the series of activities until they can graduate from the academy.  Those players that successfully reached level 256 will become a graduate of the academy and will be rewarded by a lot of premium items.  The academy will be searching for the player with the most outstanding performance at the end of the training and will have the chance to create their own guild in one of the servers of WYD Global. 

            The Open Military Academy is still accepting applicants for the training.  Sign up now for your free account at and experience the fun in entering the WYD Open Military Academy now!

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