Open, Sesame: Nadirim Closed Beta Launches Oktober 12

Open, Sesame: Nadirim Closed Beta Launches Oktober 12


On 12 October 2010, the free-2-play MMORPG, Nadirim, will enter closed beta, which is scheduled by Digital Reality and Twisted Tribe to last up to three months. In the meantime and during the beta, Nadirim’s creators will continue to release further game assets, including character classes, mobs, maps, and game features in the Nadirim Game Guide.


During the closed beta, the Nadirim game design team will examine and test key gameplay features, including the minion system, the achievements and the ranking system. The team’s top priority is to balance the gameplay, addressing in particular the combat system and PvP.




‘Our goal is to ensure that Nadirim provides a rich and rewarding game experience to our fans, and lives up to the high expectations of our game design team,’ stated Digital Reality CEO, András Peller.


Various community and in-game events are planned for the course of the closed beta, including special community packages for milestones.

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