Oracle Pack Coming! Free Gifts for New EO Characters

Another heat wave is coming mid-summer for all new EO characters! Ready? Here we go!
Beginning Aug.14th, 2009, every newly created EO character will be able to claim an Oracle Pack from Headmaster Silas as a WELCOME gift! The new pack will be giving out different gifts everyday for 15 days straight! Double-Exp time, stones, scrolls, Expballs, Eudemon books, elite and super gear… the higher level you reach the better stuff you get! Whatever you need to reach level 90 will be included in this pack!
All you need to do is log into the game every day, upgrading your character to certain levels, and then you’ll be able to claim your prizes the next day! Just a little tip, to claim the prizes, you need to come everyday and reach the required levels! If you fail to come on any of the 15 days, you will be unable to claim the prizes for that day. To claim the prize for the next day, you have to login and reach the next required level. Good deals wait for no man. So, make sure you don’t out!
Have fun!
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