Orcs Must Die! Unchained: Closed Beta Updated Today

Orcs Must Die

Phase II of ORCS MUST DIE! UNCHAINED was launched a few short weeks ago, featuring many new features for the game. Today, a new update to phase II was also released with several new changes.

New features include:

  • Co-op is much easier to matchmake and PvP matchmaking produces far better matchups
  • The Dashboard layout is much improved
  • New Weavers (character abilities gained while leveling during a match) for Stinkeye and Gabriella
  • Games reward more in-game currency upon completion than previously
  • The new Iron and Runed Chests may now be purchased in the Store
  • Cliffside Clash map changes: there is now an escape route from the far side lane, and the Rift Guardian has been moved further forward
  • Rift Lightning now attacks minions and enemy Heroes who hang out too long in the enemy Rift room
  • Before the first wave spawns, gates are invulnerable and you can resell placed traps for a full refund to easier plan your defense layouts
  • Offensive heroes can only play one glyph per level
  • Added new Kill and Assist Callouts

For more info, visit https://forums.orcsmustdie.com/discussion/3584/patch-2-1-notes/p1

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