Orcs Must Die! Unchained – Enters Closed Beta Phase 2

Orcs Must Die

ORCS MUST DIE! UNCHAINED has now entered Phase 2 of its closed beta, and the game itself contains a multitude of updates and additions from the previous version, providing a hugely upgraded gameplay experience. Here’s just a small sampling of what beta players old and new can expect:

  • Bosses now spawn during minion waves (starting when a Warcamp gets to level three)
  • There is an entirely new weaver model for character upgrades
  • Heroes level and become more powerful during matches
  • Combat is more interesting and is easier to parse
  • Hero abilities have been completely reworked
  • Players can now customize their Hero builds with traits that can benefit heroes and or teammates.
  • Cliffside Clash (2 Lane Map) has been refined, and a new Orc-themed map called Unchained Fortress has been added
  • Ranged combat is far more rewarding and players will have an easier time fighting off other heroes with ranged abilities
  • Card packs and gibs have been replaced with a simple, direct “purchase with skulls” system
  • There are numerous new Traps including Grinders and Barricades
  • The offensive and defensive jobs are split up now, allowing far more control and strategy around Trap-building and Minion-leading roles players want to pursue
  • The Minion model is brand-new. A large number of uninteresting choices (particularly with some Minions, items, and Traps) have been replaced by gameplay elements that make matches more interesting

For more info, visit: https://www.orcsmustdie.com/#!/en/news/the-phase-2-patch-notes-are-now-available

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