Outspark Celebrates Columbus Day

Outspark is running a trio of exciting events in their free-to-play MMORPGs Fiesta and Secret of the Solstice to celebrate Columbus Day.

The Fiesta GMs will be online all day on October 13th and 14th guarding their buried treasure from adventurous explorers. Any player lucky enough to discover the hidden location of the GM’s booty will be rewarded with all the gold nuggets they can carry – enough to buy their very own fleet of ships!

While searching for the GM’s treasure, players should keep their virtual cameras at the ready and snap screenshots of Fiesta’s most breathtaking vistas. Players can submit up to three screenshots of Isya’s most beautiful landscapes in the Explorer’s of Isya contest, and the Fiesta community will pick the top two winners – each will receive a real brass compass so they continue their exploration in real life.

Secret of the Solstice players of all levels can set sail for danger on the high seas and take part in the Ghost Ship event. Today only, the Solstice GMs will be helping players battle the gruesome ghouls and ghosts who make the ghost ship their home and benefit from dramatically increased XP rewards.

Columbus Day only comes once a year, so log in to your favorite Outspark MMORPG now before these fun events set sail until next year.

Take a look at Fiesta Online and Secret of Solstice.

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