Outspark news and Events

Secret of the Solstice: Mountable Pets are coming out Wednesday, April 28! Current pets were only able to follow you around and look cute, but now they can do so much more! While riding your pet you will gain a movement speed bonus, a stat bonus, and your pet will be able to assist you in battle, attacking whatever you tell it to! You can even enhance your pets using items from an in-game quest at any town’s alchemist, to boost the amount of stats the pet gives you while riding it.
Project Powder: GM Races and Battles, and Web Store! To celebrate the release of OBT2 for Project Powder, Game Masters are hosting events every day but Wednesday, until Sunday, May 3. Prizes will be awarded to the winners. Also, the Web Store, along with the official release is coming early May. Keep an eye out for more announcements!
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