Overwatch: Competitive is Live. Let the Salt Flow!

HotS Tracer Spotlight

It’s official! Competitive/Ranked in Overwatch is live! It’s there, so let the salt and anger flow through your veins! Personally, I’m 3-2 and a bit more to go for my placements, but I have reviews to write. No time to really sit down and bang them out!  What are people going to learn here? They’ll learn that their “main” isn’t useful in every situation as well! Sure, D.Va is great. And it’s a lot of fun to play McCree at High Noon.~ But that doesn’t make them the best choice. Flexibility and knowledge of roles will definitely help! But the mode isn’t fucking perfect.  Not even in the least. My least favorite thing though? Sudden Death defense. Oh. Emm. Eff. Gee.  It’s so fucking hard to win.

Overwatch: Mercy Gameplay Preview

It’s not impossible, but when you’re defending, the moment is far more tense, it’s not nearly as enjoyable as being the attacker. In general I hate Sudden Death, but the defending payload is the worst feeling in the world. I don’t know how the matchmaking is yet though. I’ve had pretty good luck with teams, but I do know some that aren’t. The only rewards I see so far is a Spray and an Icon, and that does NOT fill me with motivation. I’d rather get the gold weapon skins and maybe a character skin for success. But a spray? Meh. Most of the people I know are waiting until most people have gotten into Matchmaking, and found any bugs or other issues before they jump in. I don’t know that that’s going to help, but if it makes you feel better/more comfortable? Go for it.  Anyway it’s out there and it’s happening! The season ends in August, so get those ten matches in and good luck! How are you doing? Well? Poorly? Waiting it out? Are you Godlike?

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