Overwatch: Crossplay?


So, I was rummaging about the Internet while playing some Overwatch. And I came across some gossip that Blizzard is considering cross-play for their new title. I’m sure you can imagine what the reaction was: “OH MY GOD WHY THE FUK WULD YOU DO THAT?!?! KEYBOARD/MOUSE MUSTARD RICE HURR DURR!”  Now, I’ll grant you, it’s a little unfair that controller users basically get free auto-aim, and yes, keyboard and mouse have better reaction speed/time. Yeah, that’s life. But I don’t think it’s all that fair that people who don’t have good PCs/PCs at all can’t play with their friends if they don’t have that version of the game. Back in the day, that was life. Crossplay didn’t exist, and one simply did not suggest PS3 users mess with 360 users. That just wasn’t done.

But I’m all for Crossplay as long as it doesn’t cause problems. [Street Fighter V anyone?] Hell, people who use controller on PC get shit on pretty hard too in social media situations. I use a controller more than I use keyboard/mouse but my desk causes my wrists a great deal of duress, so I can play more with a keyboard. I just don’t understand all the vitriol.  A lot of people just spew vehemence on both sides of the fence. “WE DON’T WANT YOU CONSOLE SCUM PLAYING WITH PC! YOU AREN’T GOOD ENOUGH” et cetera.  I’ll spare you all the garbage. As the Head Console Peasant with this fine company, I don’t stand on either side! I have a lovely PC I built, which I do use more than my consoles, but you know? Love what you love, man. If you want to play on console? Go for it. Own it.

What do you think? Should an FPS get crossplay? Or NO NEVER EVER? Feel free to sound off!

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