Overwatch: Custom Game Shenanigans

-Overwatch Exp Editorial

Man, this isn’t even something I knew was a thing. I only play Overwatch once or twice a week, a few Competitive games here and there. I just play enough to get my fix, then I go back to playing a team shooter that I enjoy a bit more [Paladins]. I have noticed some ludicrous account levels in Comp play, though. Some of them made sense, because when partying with friends who obsess over the title. Nothing wrong with that! If that’s the game you play, and you have looped your account and gotten yourself a few stars, you earned them, and you earned your rewards. Each time you level your account, you gain a free box of loot!  The advent of custom games allows you to create absolutely anything: You could create a Skirmish that rewards piles of EXP, and up until now, you could AFK, not pick a character, and gain free levels and free rewards. That was changed according to Kaplan though. That’s the saddest, shadiest shit I’ve seen in a game ever. Players getting free stuff that they would normally have to put work in for, I’m ashamed that people can’t just get it with hard work or spending money to buy chests [you know, like me]. On one hand, it shows an exploit that maybe Blizzard didn’t see before; on the other hand, it shows just how lazy and dreadful people can be. The way I understand it, those maps have almost no cooldowns, ridiculous movespeed, and typically you have to play through a 30-minute Skirmish. Some of them require you to play five stages like that. It’s tedious, and frankly? Not worth it to me.

Overwatch Editorial 2

Oh, and enemies can enter our base, but we can’t go in theirs…

It gets weirder and stranger though. Remember back when Battleborn came out, I pointed out that major complaint that people had? Overwatch had more porn, so people wanted Overwatch more. It was a real thing that went wild upon the interwebs. The other thing that’s apparently going down in Custom Games [no, I’m not linking you guys. Weirdos.] is people are acting out live Overwatch porn in Custom Games. They allow you to really do incredible, challenging battles. Or create porn. You know, whichever. I’m sure that’s being cracked down on too though. But rooms where people act out Overwatch sexploits with voice chat? Yeah. . .I’ve got nothing.  I can’t imagine why they’d allow for EXP in Custom Games in the first bloody place, though. With the ability to manipulate and adjust gameplay values of characters and stages, you’d think they would just. . . nullify EXP. Most multiplayer games with custom games that I’m aware of do not allow for EXP gains. Some of the battles I’ve seen are really cool, or really helpful. Headshot practice, boss battles, specific character duels, there’s so much fun that can be had! I just think it’s a shame that it’s being exploited. And if you try to exploit it somehow? Well, Kaplan made it abundantly clear that if you try to farm EXP while inactive, you will be banned.  This is Blizzard; they’ll catch you eventually.

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