Overwatch League: First Seven Teams Announced

Alright, guys, it’s official: The first seven teams for the Overwatch League have been announced! I’ve been sort of worried that this might never get off the ground with some of the ridiculous buy-in prices I was hearing about, but it seems like all is well in the land of Blizzard! So, who are the first seven cities to claim a professional Overwatch team? We have Boston [who are owned by Robert Kraft of the New England Patriots], New York [Sterling, COO of the New York Mets]. A bit farther south, there’s Miami and Orlando [Misfits]. Weird that they’re about four hours apart.. they aren’t exactly close to one another. Then we head to the West Coast, and we start in San Francisco [NRG Esports]. Then we head to LA for the last West Coast team [Immortals]. Of course, there’s also Shanghai [Netease] and the glorious South Korean Master Race [Kevin Chou, founder of Kabam]. Out of all of those teams though, I’m putting my money on NRG. If they treat Overwatch like they do SMITE, consider it a victory for North America. Below is the introduction and their official news post can be found here. What do you think? What teams do you think will stand out?

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