“Overwatch Open” Live Regionals are coming!

Overwatch Eichenwalde Preview

The first big Overwatch Open is happening this weekend! 9/25 in Atlanta GA, this event is being presented by ELEAGUE, which was created via a partnership by Turner and WME, IMG and FACEIT. As a still fairly new game, this is something that I imagine anyone seriously interested in eSports, whether someone who wants to become a pro player, or simply loves watching, I think this is going to be an incredible show. Coverage will take place between the 25th-30th of September, and one of the most interesting things about it is that the finals will be aired live on TBS! 10pm on the Superstation, you heard that right. You won’t have to endure Twitch Trolls just to watch quality game play nor fear buffering or a low quality visual.

Overwatch Ana

I don’t know who they have casting it just yet, but I’m very interested to see the production value of the tournament, what sorts of teams are there and whom they have calling the action. If this is a success, maybe we will see more eSports on TV other than on ESPN for EVO [though I did love it, don’t get me wrong]. I want to see more people embracing the amount of work it takes to get into eSports, the practice and dedication to ones craft. Just because it doesn’t involve throwing a stupid ball doesn’t make it any less amazing. I for one am very disappointed I won’t be in Atlanta this weekend to see it live, but I will be tuning in! Action starts 10am EST each day! North Carolina’s not far from Georgia, after all! But I will be watching and I hope you will be too!

North American Regional Finals: Sun/Mon, Sept 25-26th

European Regional Finals: Wed/Thurs, Sept 28-29th.

Grand Finals: Fri, Sept 30th, 10pm EST, live on TBS!

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