Paladins: Season 1, Legendary Cards Thoughts

Paladins Season 1 EditorialPaladins Season 1 Editorial

Paladins is still in Open Beta, but Season 1 is kicking off with a bang! Some pretty massive changes are coming, and I don’t mean the awesome new Drogoz skin. The way you build decks is slightly different now, with a new resource, new cards, and rarity has come back to the actual cards. Originally, from what I remember, cards had a rarity. When you add them to your loadout, you increase their power, not their rarity. Doesn’t change how decks are built at all, but it’s definitely an aesthetic change. No real issue with that. But you had no way to forge them, so you just had to hope that you got them. I hated that, oh so much. Then they changed it! You could get any cards if you had the gold, or you could use chests, which had random cards, but I feel like that trivialized the Radiant Chests. If you didn’t have gold but have crystals, you could get several cards at once. It’s a neat idea, but again, if you just spent time playing, you could get the gold for any cards. Fantastic because all cards had the same base value. The people who spent time farming the cards in the beta have a significant advantage over people who didn’t. Now, at least. Why?

Because now card crafting costs a new resource, Essence. It’s basically the same as in all other card games, where you spend the Essence, based on rarity. Of course, you can still get them from chests and feel like they have value now. As Essence only comes for now from duplicate cards [for now?], people who spent gold/crystals to get all the cards early have a better chance of getting Essence from chests. Then there are the new cards: Legendary Cards and each character has three of them. They don’t go in your loadout. You select them at the start of the match, and stay active the whole time. Players can see which you picked on the scoreboard. Each champion starts with one, but you can unlock the other two for 18k Essence each. They’re all pretty damn powerful and have their own uses for different situations. You can’t change it once you picked, so you have to consider what you will need for your team. As far as I’ve seen, you can’t get them in Chests [but that would be wonderful]!

I. . . like this idea of Legendary Cards, as with the right combo of them, you can really sway the game in your favor before it even begins. I’m not sure how I feel about spending essence being the only way to get the Legendaries, but I do appreciate that now you can buy Radiant Chests with gold. With this in mind, you can spend gold to get duplicate cards, to get Essence. But what I ask is this: Will there be other ways to get Essence? With how much the Legendary Cards cost, I assume there will be some other way. Not that I’ve seen yet, but I’m not willing to rage or give up yet. Remember guys, this is still a beta. If you have a gripe with a system, let them know, but not with vulgarity. Offer reason and logic instead. I have no doubt that there will be changes to how Essence is acquired, costs may rise or fall, because again: Beta Testing. If you did the Tutorial Pre-patch you gained some Essence at least. I am however interested to see how this Essence thing grows and evolves. The costs seem pretty high though, but at least you can get gold easily, use that to get chests, duplicate cards equals essence, equals more legendaries. It slows the acquisition down a bit, but I don’t think that’s a bad thing so much. Legendaries are powerful though, and I’m really excited to see some of the combos teams come up with.

Have you guys tried them in, and what do you think?

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  • Herschel Pilcher III

    This is the first game like this I’ve been a part of since pre-season 1, and I feel pretty good about that. I’ve enjoyed watching how things have changed over time.

    As for these new changes, I like having something to do with my gold other than common skins or Cards. It’s a good idea. As for the Legendary cards, I’ve not seen them in use yet so I withhold judgement for now.

    I will, however, say that I hope that the presence of the Legendary Cards don’t become game breaking. If they are as powerful as you’ve implied in the article, I really hope some serious thought and balance testing went into them, I’m more or less happy with the game balance as it is at the moment (though I admit I find some things to be annoying unbalanced but that could just be personal salt..) And I hope they continue the tradition of keeping an even playing field.

    With this many characters to choose from it’s easy to just buff fan favorites and lets the rest slide into uselessness. We’re seen it happen many times. But let’s hope HiRez continues to maintain a fun level of balance across the board.

  • Ifrinpls

    Before anything else, there is something that hits me the hardest, and that’s dishonesty. It also happens in Warframe, a game I scored over 2k hours within 3 (or has it been 4?) years.

    I hate when developers lie straight out to a player’s face and say: “we do it for the players”, when it is, 100% false.

    They claimed, cynically that the essence system would help new players, and I wonder, how does the fact that cards are gotten in an RNG fashion, or the fact that the final price for each card is 3x what it used to be before?

    So at the end, new players have to struggle, “technically”, (because in practice it will be probably even more), to get enough cards for the characters they play.

    I was about to spend 50 bucks on the game, I liked the fact that is deeper than Overwatch, or the fact that there were no utterly broken characters like McCree, how it is less stupid friendly than OW and forced you to learn that you are stupid for only buying reload speed items against a comp with 3 tanks. I don’t mind if it started off ripping *SOME* OW characters, I really like how it works, but in no way I will support such cancer of an in-game economy.

    This wasn’t inherently a design choice, this was something a higher up decided, they probably had a meeting and said: wee need to squeeze out the players more, if you know anything about game design, it serves no purpose, they just invented a new grind layer out of nowhere, made getting stuff harder overall and then claimed it was for the behalf of new players when it specifically alienates them even more than they do to the older ones.

    Just look at why DoTA 2 and specially LoL are so successful, they never alienate players by splitting them, the income is strictly restricted to cosmetic elements.

    Some may claim, “hey but you can get x by playing the game”, true, but it is now such a big grind, than a person who paid will just obliterate others at lower levels, and even worse, stuff is so expensive, that only really old players who have already bought everything can keep up with.

    I honestly don’t understand why these people keep making games and then abandon them, but you can be sure of anything: although devs never admit it, the sole reason for a game to get cancelled is because they stopped making money or as much money as the developer or investors wanted. Why don’t they just put their money on other areas? Why haven’t these studios learn a single thing from the colossal graveyard Nexon has built.

    Take a look at Nexon’s games since ever, they are either broken out of support and workforce to fix them, or just abandoned because they stopped making money after they messed with the devs and forced them to put paywalls, p2w elemnts and such, I still remember how some people thought BL Retribution was going to take CoD’s crown and become the LoL of the FPS genre… wrong.

    The fact is: we didn’t need a second currency, according to a big chunk of the currently-in-zombie-state Smite, after they did a horrible change in the meta they generated a massive exodus of players, Smite was supposedly going to grow until it reached, at least, DotA2, this feels, relatively big, big enough for people to also start leaving.

    Only time can speak and give a verdict, but for now, my 50 bucks are still in my pocket, and can potentially go to Blizzard’s (for a second time, because I moved from console OW to PC Paladins), or to Cliffy B’s, who is an actual game designer, and player himself who knows and cares how shit actually works for the players.