Pangya: Ntreev Carves Out a Halloween Design Contest in its Golf Game, Pangya!

Pangya Fans Can Turn Their Digital Brush Skills Into Fantastic Prizes Now Through October 27th.

Ntreev USA announced it has launched the “Carve Your Own Halloween on Self Design Items” contest now through October 27th.  Pangya fans can celebrate Halloween by letting their creative spirit shine using the self design item feature in the game.  Once players put their digital brush skills to the test, Pangya GM’s will pick their favorite Halloween themed self design items and award three grand prizes and seven runner up winners. 
Players can design their own Halloween themed items starting with a self design blank item.  Players can choose any character they would like, but they must submit both a top and bottom by October 27th to be considered.  The winners will be announced on October 29th.  Three grand prize winners will be awarded 30,000 Ntreev points and 50 duplicate Self Design items for top and bottom.  Seven runners up will receive 10,000 Ntreev points.  
All the dress-up fun doesn’t belong to the characters either!  Ntreev understands that as much as players love dressing up their characters, they also love dressing up AS their character!  Known as Costume Play, or more commonly called “Cosplay,” players can dress up as their character in real life — or anything else creative –and post a picture of them in costume.  If players are a little camera shy, they can submit a screenshot of their character in a Halloween costume or “Cosplay” costume instead.  The event runs now through October 31st with winners announced on November 2nd.  Prizes for best photo include 10,000 Ntreev points for 1st place, 7,000 points for 2nd and 5,000 for 3rd place.  The 1st place winner for best screenshot will receive 4 Gacha Coins and the 2nd place winner will get 3 Gacha Coins, while the 3rd place winner will score 2 Gacha Coins.
Ntreev USA is also hosting special events for players such as Drop Events which include special items and Attendance Events.  “Halloween is one of the most popular holidays of the year for gamers so we wanted to bring a bit of Halloween fun to Pangya,” said Chris Lee, CEO at Ntreev USA.  “Our players are so creative; we are anticipating some amazing submissions for both the design contest and the Cosplay event.  We look forward to seeing the final results!”
Pangya is a casual online multiplayer golf game that simulates the exciting sport of golf in an anime-inspired style with an immersive fantastical storyline. With varied landscapes from captivating desert backgrounds to lush green tropics, snowy wonderlands and more, players will find that the once peaceful island of Pangya was interrupted by evil forces that vowed to destroy the purity of Pangya’s serene nature. It is finally up to the citizens of Pangya to restore it to its former glory by placing the Comet in its rightful place so that nature can be revived. Players will find themselves deeply submerged into a competitive field where they will experience a surge of emotions from excitement to heart-stopping determination of putting the last critical shot amidst mystical elements such as fire-breathing dragons to save Pangya.  Players can go head to head in Tournament, Pang Battle, Team Match or Family Mode. Join Pangya and escape to paradise and swing for the heavens! 
Pangya is free for players to download and play, while some items in the game including certain characters, clothing sets, new equipment and accessories will be available to purchase via micro-transaction.
The in-game currency in Pangya, called Pang, allows players to purchase items from the game’s shop that will upgrade a character, provide new inventory and equipment, allows them to send gifts to other players and more. Gamers can earn Pang by finishing a hole at par or better and by showcasing powerful shots.


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