Patch 5016 for Nobility Rank and Auto Path Finding Released!

We are pleased to announce the release of patch 5016 On Mar. 05th.

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Patch 5016:
Patch 5010-5016:

Highlights of Patch 5016
1. New Fonts: You’ll be able to read more clearly, and the screen will be less cluttered with these font changes. In other words, the writing looks different, more compact.
2. Nobility Rank: The Emperor keeps track of all those who make donations to his empire. According to your donations, the imperial court will bestow a title, and potency bonuses of course.
3. Auto Path Finding: Click the "Path Finding" button on the right and select the destination in the list, you will walk to the place you want to go to automatically. We’re introducing this in Twin City only, but will make it available in more maps if players like the feature.
4. Auto Invite: Are you tired of inviting others to join your team over and over again? The auto invitation may be a good solution for you. Just tick off the auto invite option on the team interface, the system will automatically send invitation to others for you (don’t worry, you won’t get spammed too much in-game).
5. Mines: The mine assistant will replace the portal to teleport you to the mine cave. You have to answer his secret miner’s question to be admitted into the mines!
6. Peddler with Skill Books: The Peddler in Twin City will provide skill books instead of equipment. And the price of skill book will be lowered greatly.
7. Divorcing? We changed the dialogues about divorce in the game to make them concise and easy to understand.
8. The Celestial Stone will be sold instead of the Clean Water in the Shopping Mall. And the price is 150 CP.

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