Perfect World Announces the Introduction of New 3D Fantasy MMORPG “Forsaken World”

Perfect World Announces the Introduction of New 3D Fantasy MMORPG “Forsaken World”


Perfect World Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ: PWRD) (“Perfect World” or the “Company”), a leading online game developer and operator based in China, today announces the introduction of a new 3D fantasy MMORPG, “Forsaken World,” which was developed under “Project EM” (“PEM”).
Developed by Perfect World, “Forsaken World” breaks new ground in terms of overall planning, programming and graphical designs. The game has blended the best of the western and eastern cultures with an aim to bring an entirely new interactive entertainment experience to players. Since April 2009, the Company’s new product developed under PEM has aroused the interest in the online game industry.

Project Empire Becomes Forsaken World

In “Forsaken World,” a fantasy world called “Grand Mundo” is created. The game features exciting elements such as “Rule of Time,” “Rule of Space,” “Magic” and “Divinity.” The players can try to alter the fate of “Grand Mundo” with their respective actions in the game. “Forsaken World” adopts a system of annalistic history, and allows players to change core contents such as the Epoch, the orbiting of constellations and the birth of deities. The game is expected to be launched in 2010.
Mr. Michael Chi, Chairman and CEO of Perfect World, commented, ” ‘Forsaken World’ will be one of the major titles by Perfect World for 2010. It contains many new designs, and uniquely blends the cultures of different regions in the game. We integrate many western features in the game play in order to make it more appealing to international players. We believe ‘Forsaken World’ will bring a new and exciting gaming experience to players around the world.”

Magic Character in Forsaken World

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