Perfect World Entertainment takes Ether Saga to the Next Level

PWE takes Ether Saga to the Next Level

Perfect World International has released a major content update for Ether Saga Online. This update includes eight new advanced classes and a new zone for high level players, and a revamp of the beginning questline that refines the beginning player experience.

Features include:
• New Advanced Classes: Each class can specialize in one of two paths, complete with new skills
• New zone for level 90+ players
• New Level 1-50 Experience: Beginning quests revamped
• Enhanced crafting system allows players to create many new functional items beyond weapons and armor
• Transformation System Bonuses: Major upgrades and buffs added
• Improved Pet System: Better pet melding bonuses and new ways to preserve your pet’s appearance.
“We are always looking for ways to improve the gaming experience Ether Saga Online has to offer and this update delivers on that promise,” said Craig Beers, Product Manager for Ether Saga Online. “We’re delivering expansion quality features and content in this update that gamers can get right now.”
A prequel to Chinese literary classic, “Journey to the West”, Ether Saga Online features a bright, anime style graphics and an in-depth pet system for every player, entirely free of charge.
New Update for Ether Saga Online


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