Perfect World International Reveals Descent

Perfect World Reveals Descent Details



February 15th marks a huge day in Perfect World International history as one of the best looking updates in a long while goes live. Descent offers some of the toughest end-game content to date, new gear, new skills, new factions, and a much needed revamp of the way territory wars are fought.



Players level 95 and up will be able to delve into the depths of the world of the Morai, where they can align themselves with three orders: the wise Order of Corona, the scheming Order of the Shroud, and the mercurial Order of Luminance. Similar to the Heaven or Hell expansion, you can expect to see a slew of new skills open up for each class, including stealth for archers (my cleric is quivering at the thought). In addition to new end-game skills, characters will also be able to gain access to unique gear based on the order they choose, further differentiation people of the same class. Even some cool vanity pets will be available!



The territory map rework is what should have people truly excited though. Come February 13th, the entire map on every server in Europe and North America will be reset. From then on the server will battle in 6 month seasons with the winning faction being rewarded 10 Shadow Fox Mounts and 20 Scarlet Fox Mounts. These exclusive mounts will surely be highly sought and the constant server resets should keep things much more competitive between factions.

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