Pet System Functions

Alongside tonight`s maintenance has come the arrival of the games Pet System. Pet eggs will now drop off of monsters on Regular Field Maps throughout the game up to and including Flammio at this time.

How do I hatch a pet egg?
Once you are able to find a Pet Egg from a monster you may acquire Incubator items at the Miscellaneous shops in towns with Gold. The in-game Incubators are one-time use, and attempting to hatch the egg may result in it successfully delivering a Pet to your Pet Storage window. This window may be found by clicking the blue button in your characters inventory. Players may have up to 3 pets at once, however they may only have one pet out next to their character at a time.

What does the pet do for my character?
While the pet is out, they will gain experience and provide a stat bonus for you depending on the specific type of pet. As they gain in level, they will provide more substantial bonuses as they mature. As your pet`s hunger bar decreases, they will provide less of a stat bonus, and eventually be unable to be summoned if it decreases fully. Once they have been given the proper food, the stat bonuses and their functions will return. Pet food may be found at the Miscellaneous shops and can be purchased for Gold, with different pets needing different types of food. This information may be found in the Pet Window which will also tell you the stat bonus they apply while summoned.

How can I name my pet?
Pets may be renamed one time after acquiring them, and this may be done in the Pet Window as well. Inappropriate pet names will be treated as offensive language violations as per the Terms of Service in order to keep the game a welcoming environment for players of all age groups.

What if my pet gets too hungry to summon?
If a pet`s Nutrition level drops too low over time without being fed, which is depicted by the orange bar beneath their green experience bar, they will be too weak to help your character. To revive a pet, there is are Pet Restorative / Recovery pills that may be crafted through the Material Manufacture section of your character`s Crafting Window (found through your characters inventory).

Can I sell a pet?
Pet Eggs are able to be sold via the Exchange Market before they are hatched.

What pet items are available right now?
Premium Pet Incubators are available in the item mall which allow unlimited usage to attempt to hatch Pet Eggs. There are also special pets that cannot be found elsewhere in-game as drop items, and which have 100% success rates at hatching. Hatching Supplements assist in the successful hatching of in-game pets, and may be used alongside both regular and Premium incubators. Pet Storage Space items are also available which allow players to keep a larger stable of pets in their Pet Storage Window.

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