Pets in Domo!

GameTribe is pleased to introduce on Wednesday Jan. 16th, your new best ally in your adventure beyond the mirror: the PET!

Pets will follow you wherever you will go and will actively fight by your side in combat and missions. Each one has distinctive characteristics and powerful skills that can help you to face any adversity; you can have up to 5 of them with you in order to get all possible skills and help.

Adopting one is easy: get a special token from the item shop and use it at the Pet Vending Machine to obtain a random egg. Take care of it and through the use an Evolution Stone it will open up into one of the many pets available..
You can also find powerful potions and items for your pet from the shop to protect it, revive it and keep it loyal to you.


The best friend of any Dreamer is waiting for you: come and get one!!!

Also, in the next patch:

  • Dreamstone powder, to restore your equipment durability
  • Skill Springs for mercenaries, wizards, hunters and musicians
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