Phoenix Dynasty Online: New Patch for Christmas

As Christmas is drawing near in the heart of winter, we are happy to present a special patch that expands many new contents. In this newest pack you will brave the danger of an Elder Evil Beast of Annum to save Christmas Eve, go through trials of wisdom and strength to win a god’s favor, and finally revel in firecrackers to celebrate the holiday. A lot Christmas rewards you will get from them, and we hope you will fully enjoy the newest gaming experience through this greatest festival.

All non-humanoid mobs may drop firecrackers. When ignited, not only will they produce various eye-catching effects to dot the holiday, also will give you Christmas gifts including Silver Pig, Golden Pig, Christmas gems, Festival Gem Box, Game Passport ( the item required in the Immortal’s Test) , and much more.

Beast of Annum
Drawn by the bustling yet joyful Christmas, an Elder Evil Beast of Annum suddenly strikes in PDO, seeking to shatter the holiday atmosphere and all that the adventurers value too much. Rally your forces and eliminate this unthinkable thing before it is too late!
Beast of Annum will appears to attack Phoenix Village or Bayer .Each time the monster will show up only for 3 hours before retiring back to his realm. Therefore you and your friends have to kill him within the time limit. Astonishing loots will drop if you manage to kill the monster, and pay close attention to the system broadcasting, which will tell you the place where the monster assaults.

Immortal’s test
Besides the Beast of Annum, the festival atmosphere in PDO also mesmerized an Immortal, drawing him to the world of man. Impressed by the mortal world’s sheer exultation in Christmas and the adventure’s spirit against the Beast of Annum, the Immortal prepared to lend the mortal his knowledge and prowess——he will bestow an Immortal’s Silk Purse on any adventures brave and wise enough to find him in the Map of Immortal Mountain.

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