Phoenix Dynasty Online: New Server “Fire” Opens now is proud to announce that a new server named “Fire” will be launched on 0:01 am PDT Nov. 22, 2008. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our players who have contributed to the improvement and growth of Phoenix Dynasty Online as well as to welcome all the new players who will start their adventure in this game!

We will be holding a lot of new exciting events after the new server opens such as: 4x Experience, 3x Drop Rate, 3x Magic Points and many other interesting events, including “GM online lotteries”, “Prizes for the First 5 Guilds”, “Leveling up Contests”. This is a real active world; you will see GMs in the game every week as well as being helped by the most friendly game community.

If you have heard about this game and never tried; if you have just watched a movie called the Mummy Returns and want to experience the oriental myth; if you are a returning warrior of the game, we welcome you to join the new Fire server and light your passion for friendship and fun again! We will provide the best service for you!

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